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Thoughts of Faith has been instrumental in reintroducing Christianity to eastern Europe after the Communist rule. The Ukrainian Lutheran Church grew into existence through active mission work by Thoughts of Faith in the 1980s and 90s.

The medical and dental clinics on wheels travel to remote locations to provide care.

The people of Ukraine suffered greatly under tyranny, but where the sin and its effects are great, the Savior is still greater! Our Gift of Life program, working in partnership with the congregations of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church, has administered medical care to 40 thousand children and countless adults via the mobile medical clinic and the counseling centers.

Medical & Dental Clinic Staff

The Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) travels the country, bringing free medical aid to people who would otherwise have none. MCOW’s staff of physicians, dentists, and technicians provide examinations, minor procedures, and medical supplies as well as health education to the villagers. Most importantly, the MCOW staff sets up a table at each location where a deaconess talks with children and adults and provides them with religious literature.

Counselors work in life centers in five locations.

Five pro-life counseling centers located in four cities across Ukraine offer free counseling, classes, and information to both expectant mothers and women who have had abortions. They also conduct presentations and distribute brochures to various age groups, focusing on life before birth. In addition, a Ukrainian Lutheran Church pastor offers a weekly Bible class at each center.